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Beauty Talk OxyAqua

Beauty Talk OxyAqua

Pamper Your Skin with 100% Oxygen and Moisture Balance.Create a Revolutionary Oxygen-Enriched Skin.Eliminate Blemishes, Revealing a Youthful-Radiant Beautiful Complexion.

Volume :30ml

Beauty Talk OxyAqua

「Oxygenated essence」Supplies oxygen to rejuvenate skin cells

Hemes in human serve as a transport to carry oxygen. Containing the similar chemical property of a heme, Perfluorodecalin carries a great amount of oxygen and its usage in skincare products has been internationally patented. Beauty Talk OxyAqua adopts the highly oxygenated essence (Perfluorodecalin) which possessing the oxygen-carry property, to supply oxygen for skin cells like an aerobic exercise to increase oxygen level and promote self-healing from deep within, thereby resulting in cells renewal effect!

「Liposome」Ensures oxygen delivery at deep skin layer

Our body is protected by skin surface film from harmful effects of external substances. However, this layer also acts as a barrier to block skincare ingredients for entering into skin. Owing to liposome has a great affinity for skin, skincare expert of Beauty Talk has developed 「Liposome」Carrier Technology, enabling liposome to penetrate deep into skin layer rapidly and release pure oxygen continuously. In short, the major role of liposome is to ensure oxygenated essence (Perfluorodecalin) to be delivered deep into the skin layer effectively so to increase the concentration of oxygen at its effective level!

「Moisture protective layer」 Immediate formed to soothe fine lines

「Beauty Talk OxyAqua」enriched with effective moisturizing ingredients. It forms a moisture protective layer immediately after application and hydrate skin with instant effect. At the same time, it helps to repair skin texture and eliminate blemishes, leaving you a brilliant and perfect complexion! Besides, OxyAqua also contains Hyaluronic Acid and Algae Extract to enhance the skin function of preserving moisture and boost the skin cells hydration level, as well as reduce fine lines to keep skin soft and supple! What’s more, the added Acerola Extract and natural whitening essence helps to reduce pigmentation and provide multiple protections for originally bright, clear and radiant glow!

Main effects of OxyAqua:

  1. ‹Rejuvenate skin›: Enhances oxygen level for skin to perform self-healing ability
  2. ‹Soothe fine lines ›: Forms a transparent protective layer, increases water content in skin cells and restores skin elasticity
  3. ‹Deeply hydrate skin›: Enhances the skin ability to protect water from evaporation and keeps skin moisture throughout the day
  4. ‹Brighten and whiten skin›: Helps suppress melanin production, lighten hyper-pigmentation, reduce the deposition of pigmentation and age spots

Direction of use:

Apply evenly OxyAqua onto skin day and night after toning. Massage until it is completely absorbed and follow with your regular skincare regime. Should you feel skin dryness, apply a thick layer of OxyAqua as an instant moisturizing mask onto face and leave it for 10-15 minutes. Massage gently for better results. You will feel your skin soft and smooth again after skin hydration is restored.