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About Beauty Talk

The general name is Oxygen, with the atomic number 8 and chemical formula O2.
Its beauty code is Beauty Talk.

Oxygen is the foundation of beauty, and Beauty Talk starts with Oxygen.
Restores your beauty formula; simplifies your skincare procedures.
Let’s have a simple beauty care, at your will.
From today onwards, keeps your skin breathing with ease!

Beautiful, is a dream that we always pursue in our life. Having a pure, natural, youthful, radiant and flawless skin is the highest state of beautiful.

Beauty Talk hopes that all the women in the world become the ambassador of their own beauty! Lets the skin obtains nutrients from the most natural elements to reveal the most beautiful radiance. And be the natural, clear and vitalized real beauty.

In recent years, Oxygen Facial has become popular. Beauty Talk has found that adopting the 3 major elements that preserve life ── [the Sunlight, Air, Water] oxygen is essential for skin cells to carry out healing process, metabolism, detoxification, growth and to promote circulatory period, resulting in a brighter, elastic and youthful complexion. Therefore, Beauty Talk has developed a series of skincare products that adopt oxygen as the core beauty ingredient to help you achieve your dream.

According to dermatologists, when there is sufficient of oxygen, water and nutrients, our skin cells will possess the amazing self-healing properties. Undoubtedly, this happened to coincide with Beauty Talk on the spirit of the Sunlight, Air, and Water!

OxyMask, a Beauty Talk’s star product, is a facial mask developed from the oxygen conception. After applied on the skin, the oxygen will be released by using liposome technology and penetrates deep into the skin layer to supply the oxygen and produce healing effect. Ever since the launching, the product has received so much favourable comment from the users and more people are getting know the concept of the oxygen facial. At the same time, we have also received a great response of repeat order, which proves that this excited natural beauty care is being gradually recognized and continuously popularized.   

A single skincare product is no longer a favourite among modern women. The diversified skincare market provides a wide range of alternatives of the finest products to meet individual’s need. The spirit of Beauty Talk advocates the most natural skincare regime for you. We hope that every beautiful lady keeps their beauty as natural as breathing air and drinking water and as comfort as bathing under the sun! If you are agreed with the same idea, there is no harm in experiencing yourself with the unrestrained feeling brought by the skincare regime from Beauty Talk!